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Our Team

Thibaud Berthollet

Degrees :

Master in Biomechanical Research (2014)
Physiotherapist (2011)
Bachelor in Science of Physical Rehabilitation (2011)

Post-grad Training :

Physical Training (2015)
Back school (2015)
Sport Physiotherapy (2014)
Taping (2012)

Expérience professionnelle :

Employed and self-employed practitioner.
Treatment for all types of patients
Treatment for athletes and professional teams (rugby, basketball, hockey…)
Tutoring of students

Jonathan Vanden Abeele

Degrees :

Agrégation Sportive Haute Ecole Pédagogique (2012)
Bachelor in Science of motor functions (2010)

Post-grad Training :

Motor preferences (in progress)
Athletic Rehabilitation (2017)
Indoor and private coaching (2009 et 2017)
Physical Training program (2016)

Professional Experience :

Personal fitness coaching
Physical Training Academy : TEC
Physical Training of individual athletes (basketball, gymnastic, soccer, mountain-biking, trail)
Support and follow-up of athletes engaged in competition (gymnastic and soccer)

Mitglied bei :